Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I made myself a camera!

I recently got a new camera: The Lomography Konstruktor. It is a build-it-yourself 35mm film camera that took me a couple hours to build. It came to me looking like this:

And I transformed it into this:

Within two days, I blew through three 36-exposure rolls of film. Unfortunately, my local Costco isn't able to develop the two special black-and-white rolls I used, so I'll have to look elsewhere to get those developed. In the mean time, I do have some colored photos to share:

Glimpse of Light
Lodi Beer restaurant sign
Light and Dark in the Trees

From the colored roll, only about 8 photos came out usable, and these three are the only ones decent enough to share. Considering I have very limited experience in film photography, and I built this camera on my own, I'm pleased with the results. I need to practice more and more, and with luck, I'll have better results next time.

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